One Hour Princess Packages

Our one hour princess parties are fun packed with games and dancing and are perfect if you would like to serve your food either before the princess arrives or when she leaves.

Your princess character will arrive in full costume and greet the birthday girls and her guests as she enters. The party will consist of age appropriate entertainment for the one hour duration which can be tailored for both girls and the boys in attendance. If you have a lot of boys the party can be themed as princesses and pirates or princesses and superheroes.

We suggest a maximum of 25 children for the party to run smoothly however if you have more than this is not a problem. If there are any particular games or dances you would like to include just let us know and we can try to accommodate any special requests.
What is included in a one hour package?
  • One Fairy Tale Princess or Fairy Entertainer
  • Themed and Traditional Party Games
  • Prizes and Pass the Parcel
  • Ribbon Dancing
  • Party Dances or Princess Dancing
  • Photo Opportunities
  • Suggested Maximum of Approx 25 Children
Price - £125